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I vowed to go back to acting with my new-found understanding of collaboration. I was excited to give my whole, unfettered self to a director, the way Julie Christie had done for me.But I had forgotten a key ingredient of the acting process. And while I’ve met quite a few humane, kind, sensitive male directors and producers in my life, sadly they are the exception and not the rule.I’ve often wondered how I would have behaved in the meeting with Harvey Weinstein had I been more ambitious as an actor.

I want to believe that the intense wave of disgust at this sort of behaviour will lead to real change.

Women in technical jobs were almost nonexistent, and when they were there, they were constantly being tested to see if they really knew what they were doing. I noticed my own tendency to want to be “one of the boys,” to distance myself from the humiliation of being a woman on a film set, where there were so few of us.

Then came the photo shoots in which you were treated like a model with no other function than to sell your sexuality, regardless of the nature of the film you were promoting.

We told our stories to one another, thinking they would be hysterically funny. But the stories, when we told them, left us in tears and bewildered at how casually we had taken these horror stories and tried to make them into comedy. When they were spoken out loud, it was impossible to reframe them any other way.

This is how we’d normalized the trauma, tried to integrate it, by making comedy out of it.

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We abandoned the film, but not the project of unearthing the weight of these stories, which we’d previously hidden from ourselves.

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