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What might be the reason to end up 21 years long marital life?

A happy marriage is about three things; promise to never give up on each other, togetherness and forgiveness of mistake.

Another Les Paul that Slash is famous for playing with is his 1987 Les Paul Standard which has been used on countless tours.

Slash's first electric guitar was a copy of Gibson Explorer given by his grandmother.

Some new footage has arrived online giving us even more insight into the villainous organization led by Julianne Moore, including revealing some of their high-tech tools of the trade.

It is with this instrument that he recorded almost all parts of Guns N' Roses, Slash's Snakepit, Velvet Revolver and solo albums.

However, when he wants a specific sound for some parts, he sometimes plays with other guitars such as Flying V, Explorer, Stratocaster or Telecaster. Rich Mockingbird ("You Could Be Mine", "The Alien", "Sucker Train Blues"), Gibson EDS-1275 ("Patience", "Knockin' On Heaven's Door"), Guild Crossroads ("Neither Can I", "Back And Forth Again", "Back To The Moment") or Travis Bean 1000 ("Bad Obsession", "Rusted Heroes").

While the gossips of ending long marital life are discussed, how can we forget about Meegan Hodges? It's really strange to know that people enjoy their marital life for around 20 years and then gets divorced. How come people take the decision of separating with the one who once was their everything? The couple has not spoken a single word regarding their divorce issues.

After ending up her marital life with Mark Knight, she is now actually dating British Musician Slash. Same is with the now girlfriend of Slash, who was once married to the founder of rock band Bang Tango, Mark Knight. The couple spent two decades together sharing all the joy and sorrows together. So, the reason behind their divorce and ending up two decades relationship is still not revealed.

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