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The character who committed the deed/s may be sufficiently apologetic to warrant forgiveness, or the latter character learning An Aesop may be considered punishment enough, or maybe The Punishment Is the Crime.Sometimes, showing a bit of trust to a former villain who doesn't seem to deserve it can lead to them becoming a reliable ally.

This movie is about a young woman named Esmeralda and her family move to New York from a rural area of Puerto Rico.

Young Wanda De Jesus (Source: Pinterest)While appearing on Broadway, De Jesus got her first taste of daytime the role of Gomez, on television soap opera series "Another World" in 1986. Then, she became the star in the nighttime series "Mariah," played the role Leda Cervantes in 1987. The series reflected the social and cultural ideologies of the 1980s and early 1990s.

That shot up in Toronto and had a life for about seven months. When Mariah was canceled, De Jesus kept herself busy with episodic work and theater. Many of the cases featured on the show dealt with hot topic issues such as capital punishment, abortion, racism, gay rights, homophobia, sexual harassment, AIDS, and domestic violence.

They betrayed you, they tried to kill you, really did kill you, and even kicked your dog.

Despite all this, you find it in your heart to forgive them.

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