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In 1 Thessalonians, commonly regarded as one of the earliest New Testament documents, Paul writes that the Jews “killed both the Lord Jesus and the prophets, and drove us out” (1 Thess. He also states “that the Lord Jesus on the night when he was betrayed” instituted the Eucharist and told his followers to perform it (1 Cor. He writes: "Akin’s analogy to Islam is on point, and I would add Mormonism as equally apt: their founders, Mohammed and Joseph Smith, respectively, were “sent by” and “communicated the teachings of” non-existent celestial beings, the angels Gabriel and Moroni, respectively.In the most credible mythicist thesis, Jesus corresponds to Gabriel and Moroni." I’m glad to see that Carrier recognizes the validity of the argument to this extent, but his own addition to it is problematic.So how does Paul indicate that Jesus related to the others?

The relevant accounts, therefore, are those that dealt with this question.That’s not what I would have said.” So let’s set these aside and to the best we can with what Carrier has given us.The central argument I posed was based on evidence showing that Christianity was a movement that emerged in Judaea in the first century and then spread widely across the Roman world within a few decades, indicating that it had a substantial degree of organization and a founder who really existed. The argument then held that it is most natural to look at the movement’s own account of its founding for information about who the founder was. My article then pointed out that the earliest records we have say that Christianity was founded by Jesus of Nazareth.Just wait until my book comes out.” He does make occasional gestures in the direction of an argument—e.g., claiming that “There actually were Christian sects that said Jesus lived a hundred years earlier” or stating that Jesus probably was not from Nazareth—but he doesn’t put these together into a coherent argument.I could try to form one out of the pieces he gives us and then critique it, but he could always say, “You’re attacking a straw man.

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