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Jacob developed XY Theory® and the XY Personality Test ™ which utilizes neuroscientific and psychometric principles that enable individuals to understand their needs in a relationship and intentionally adapt to the needs of their partner.

We’ve tested thousands of couples and singles worldwide, and our test instrument measures relationship personality type with a 95% accuracy rate, and not the social personality that other test instruments focus on.

Again, it was only two women and I hadn’t been on more than three dates with one when I started seeing the other. Last week, a commenter suggested that Dater X maintain a “five guy rotation,” clarifying that three men are kept on back burners with the other two on the front burner.

That’s basically what I’ve been doing, although I haven’t labeled the “burners” as such: I communicate with several and plan dates with one or two at a time.

It has been a few weeks since I called things off with The Teacher.

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Since then, I’ve been on a several dates with a couple of different women.

I define dating is the time before two individuals make their relationship exclusive.

My friends, however, both male and female, strongly suggested that I was “slutting it up.” Normally I’d think my friends were joshing around with me, but this wasn’t the first time that dating multiple women has been brought up.

Back when I first started dating The Teacher, I was also seeing another teacher at the time.

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(This is why I can never understand “The Bachelor.”) So, the question that bears asking is how many potential partners is too many to date and/or communicate with at once?

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