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The latest issue is the partly recognized Republic of Kosovo, and, as I quickly discovered, an interesting topic of conversation with the girls.Serbia’s rich history, especially the long Turkish conquest which resulted in the voluntary – and involuntary – mixing of the races, might explain the dark and sexy complexion of the women.Serbian women are Slavs but with dark, olive-skinned complexions of their Mediterranean counterparts.They are tall, slim, have dark hair and striking eyes.Serbians speak Serbian, a south Slavic language, which is the same as Croatian and Montenegrin.

The good news is that the women are extremely loyal to their men, a far cry from the sluttiness of American women.

Result: the perfect combination of beauty and sexiness. For 500 years it was ruled by Ottoman Empire (Turks).

After its collapse, the region gained the notoriety of being known as the “Powder Keg of Europe” as the inciter of several conflicts leading to the outbreak of World War I.

Those were my first impressions of Serbian women after I landed in Belgrade’s Tesla International Airport.

Over the next few days, as I braved the chilly street of Serbia’s capital, my impressions were only strengthened, reinforced and solidified.

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  1. We arrange personal meetings, video chats and gift deliveries to hundreds of our female members every month so it's impossible that they "just volunteered....personal documents without...their knowledge". I spent quite a bit of money opening letters of women that do NOT exist!