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Here’s a diagram: Each symbol is a piece of the Cross of the Order of the Temple.The alphabet was created from the cross carried by the Templars hanging from a ribbon.Last year, my husband and I took our youngest children to the local amusement park for a “Frightmares,” event.The fun zone was transformed into a Halloween fiesta, complete with spook alleys and wandering zombies mildly harassing the visitors.

I glanced at cheerleader zombie and turned back to my husband, asking, “Has she been screaming at me?It’s less distressing to get an angry, bitter response from a partner than no response.Couples quickly develop circular patterns of one becoming more aggressive as the other defends while exiting the conversation.Over time, defending partners learn to become numb to the negative escalation in their spouses.Upon getting no response, the aggressive partners give up and retreat and eventually burn out on trying to get any connection at all, leaving the couple at a stalemate.

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